We do an amazing number of Engine Swaps and all have come out perfect.  We can suggest a source for a used engine or you can supply one.


Transmissions are about the same as far as swaps go.  Its usually more cost effective to replace a bad transmission with a used unit out of a car that has been in an accident that TOTALLED the car.  as opposed to trying to rebuild or repair yours.  Often the cost to fix your current Transmission is much more than finding another used unit in better condition!

Some swaps require pulling the Whole Subframe and Driveline from below and some do not.  It just depends on the car.   

But usually all are well worth doing because the car is usaully not worth much if it needs an engine. Usually the increased value of the car will justify the cost of the repair.

For example one case:  If a customer fixed his 2002 Volvo by replacing the engine and it cost $2000 total the value of the car becomes $4000 fixed as opposed to only a few hundred not fixed.

Something to think about!!


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