Serious Repairs and Modifications of Northstar Engines is our specialty

4.6 liter Cadillac or 4.0 liter Oldsmobile engines


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Cadillac Northstar Engine Removal requires the complete engine / trans cradle assembly to be removed from the body of the vehicle before engine is accessed.  Any other method is stongly discouraged!!   

We are familiar with the correct way to remove the ENTIRE drivetrain from the Northstar equipped vehicles, and performing successful repairs on them.

Some shops attempt repairs without removing the drivetrain from the vehicle, this usually results in non-successful repairs and many times un-completed repairs

our equipment allows the entire drivetrain to be easily removed without any damage to the drivetrain or the vehicle, it also allows us to move your vehicle after the front wheels are removed, which they must be in order to remove the engine/drivetrain assembly for repairs

The Northstars have some known problems, mostly involving the cooling system

If you notice loss of coolant, then you need US to fix your northstar, before the problem becomes VERY severe.

So called Block Sealers will not work, removal and replacement of worn and damaged seals and components is the only solutuion

you may have done some research and got some estimates, most of which I would think may be ridiculous, mainly because most shops either do not have the capacity, the time, the equipment or the knowhow to complete these complex repairs, their solution is to either admit to their lack of competence, or throw out a figure which you more than likely wont agree on.

A large number of Northstar engines are nearing the point where they need our attention, and scores of lost causes are now hitting the backyards of homes and the acreages of wrecking yards due to most shops being unable or unknowledgeable on the repairs of these engines.

Contrary to what some who don't know might say, these engines CAN and have been repaired, many of them by us.

If we can help you or if you have any questions please call us today.

If you have a Northstar equipped car you have given up on or wish not to repair, we are always interested in purchasing them as well.

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Cadillac Northstar Engine Repair
Cadillac Northstar Engine Repair after
removal from cradle assy


SuperCharged Northstar Engine


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