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check engine light is on come in to our shop and let us check your vehicles stored codes for free!!

Oil can light is on check oil level in car immediately!  do not run engine if oil light continues to stay on!  could be caused by no oil in engine, worn oil pump, leaking oil filter, out of place lifter, loose bearings or rods.  This problem will only get worse until engine knocks or a rod is thrown, causeing engine to seize up completly.

Coolant Temperature high canytime there is coolant loss, the engine will run hotter.  Check the coolant level.  At the radiator cap if possible, wait for system to cool to allow safe removal of radiator cap.  If coolant level is ok, it could be caused by clogged, dirty radiator, or possible water pump damage, especially if equipped with a plastic impeller.  If coolant leaks are present under car you have a coolant leak, most likely from a leaky water pump or freeze plug if it is an older car.  If coolant keeps disappearing and there are no visible leaks under the car, then suspect that the coolant maybe seeping into the cylinders due to a partially non sealing head gasket.

Vibration while driving this prolem is usually caused by a bad tire.  To check run your hand across the tire,  if you feel lumps in the tire then it is due for replacement

Air Conditioning no longer works cthere are some simple reasons for this,  mainly 1. a leak of freeon of the system.   2. seized compressor due to age, and overuse, possibly overcharged.  3. lack of airflow due to bad blower fan or clogged cabin air filter  4. possible compressor clutch failure or relay unit that controls the compressor clutch cycles.

Power windows no long work this is a frustrating repair,  usually caused by a bad window regulator  (the mechanism that raises and lowers the windows)  in time on some cars they will break,  but it can also be caused by the switch contacts being worn down as well.  if you hear the motor that raises the window running with the switch, then it is not the switch,  in this case it would be the regulator,  sometimes these parts are expensive





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