I own both the Yellow and the White GMC RTS2 Busses,  The Yellow one is a 40 footer with an 8v71 Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke and the White one is a 35 footer with a 6v71 Engine.  The Yellow one is a 1983 Model and the White one is a 1980 I believe.  I really love the style of these buses especially ones built in the late 70's, early 80's.  They are awsome.  Great to Convert to really sporty cool motorhomes.

The Next pictures are of the bus of this man who I got my yellow bus from.  His bus is a 1979 with a newer model engine.  a 6v92Turbo.  Which I think he swapped out with my 83 model bus, but thats ok, id rather have a V8 anyhow.  Its converted to a pretty cool motohome as you can see from the pictures.

Here is how I want to do my busses.  Artists Rendition...  Unless I change my mind and use the Purple and Ivory color scheme instead.