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New Shop  12,000 sq.ft.  (total auto repair facility, Mechanical & Bodywork)

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our owner (Mark) in classic BMW 635csi

Body & Paint Master (Dominic) restoring 1977 Blazer

 Welcome Back Texas Tech (Fall 2017)

Free Pre-Trip inspections when you mention our ad in the Tech Paper or this WebSite.

(Our shop is owned by a former Tech Student proud to help other Tech Students!)

If you need a TOW please call Nitro Recovery at (806) 748-3881 (They are the BEST!)  Very respectful with nice new clean trucks.   Tows are only $50 from Lubbock city limits to my shop.  You will not find a cheaper better tow than that!  Be sure to tell them its coming to Forzano Autotech to receive this special rate.

 We Specialize in: All Mechanical  and Bodywork on Vehicles

Tools include New cavernous shop, full vehicle lifts, complete hand and air tools, aircraft factory air compressor, exhaust tubing bender, miller mig and tig welders, electronic diagnostic equipment, specialized lifting equipment, forklift, vast electronic and electrical items.

New paint shop with oversized exhaust fan and new accuspray spray equipment, expert 3rd generation body and paint master (Dominic)

1620 Drew St. ( FM1294 )

Take I-27 north to (exit 11)  -  then go 1 mile west on Drew St. (FM1294)

(We are on the North side of the street)

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Typical Automotive Problems & Solutions

Timing Belts

Some cars have interference engines, so you better change that belt or else

Northstar Engine Repairs

We use the same tools the dealership uses!!  (2 week Turnaround)

Custom Exhausts

Sample Repairs and Price Quote information

New Headquarters

Engine Swaps 

We have done many call us today, immediate quote as soon as you call me

Vehicles we have & Vehicle projects

Fulcrum Supercar  8.2 Liter - Ultra-Low and Slippery



Fuel Pumps:  If your car has stopped running for no appearant reason.  You may have lost your fuel pump.  Most newer cars have electric fuel pumps located in the fuel tank and they have a limited lifespan

Water Pumps: If you notice your car getting hot or notice coolant loss let us check your cooling system, your water pump maybe be due for replacement.  Fixing this problem quickly can keep the problem from getting worse and making you need head gaskets.

Tune Ups: If your can has reached 100,000 then in most cases you may want to have your car tuned up, we can use factory parts or any parts you insist on to due a tune up on your car.

Northstar Engines:  We Completely repair the notorious Cadillac Northstar Engines.  So if your Cadillac is losing coolant and keeps getting hot talk to us.

Engine Swaps: We also do countless engine and transmission swaps.  If you buy a cheap car that is in need of some major repairs such as an engine or transmission swap let us know.  I will put together a quote for you immediately on the phone.

Timing belts: are also done very frequently.  If you have a car with timing belt such as most Hondas, Volvos, Eclipses.  Then you need to keep in mind that you need to replace that timing belt about every 70,000 miles, or else you could end up damaging the engine if it breaks.

Clutches:  Of coarse we do clutches all the time and we do them RIGHT

Head Gasket Jobs:  Some cars may require the replacement and rebuilding of cylinder heads due to overheating or the breakdown of poor quality head gaskets.  We have done and im sure we will continue to do many of these jobs, let us know I will be glad to look at your car to see if it may need this type of work done.

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Our Mission is Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.  We Repair and maintain many different types of vehicles for our customers, mostly cars and light trucks.  We also buy cars in need of repairs or maintenance and resell them, for a reasonable profit.  We also have some classic vehicles being made road worthy again, as well as the Fulcrum Prototype car we are constructing.  Our broad knowledge of most cars will allow us to help you with yours, or you may be interested in other vehicles we have.  We have over 200 Cars!

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